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About Neck Liposuction

Despite the name, a double chin is actually caused by extra fat in the neck. During neck liposuction surgery at Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre, board-certified plastic surgeon Scott Sessions will remove the fat under the chin and in the upper neck area. This helps to remove jowls and the appearance of a double chin, creating a more chiseled throat and jawline. It can also create a smoother appearance by reducing soft tissue. This procedure can diminish small lumps or areas of fat, as well as large and denser areas. It is a great option for women and men who desire a slimmer neckline and sleeker profile. To learn more about neck liposuction and how it can improve your neckline, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessions at his surgery center in La Mesa, CA.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for neck liposuction at Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre are women and men in good health who have stubborn fat in the neck area despite a healthy diet and exercise. These pockets of fat in the neck or jowl area can create disproportionate contours that feel unattractive. Both small or large pockets of fat can be removed, whether they are hereditary or left over after significant weight loss. If you also have excess or sagging skin beneath the chin, you may be a candidate for a neck lift, either alone or along with neck lipo.

Surgical Technique

For neck liposuction procedures, Dr. Sessions uses a technique called "micro-liposuction." This is the preferred liposculpture technique for the face and neck areas. A tiny cannula is inserted through tiny incisions under the chin to remove undesired fat. At times, Dr. Sessions may also employ the tumescent, or "superwet" technique, in which a numbing solution is combined with another substance and injected into the treatment area to help minimize bleeding. The incisions will then be carefully stitched closed. The procedure can be completed on its own; however, many patients choose to combine it with another procedure, such as a facelift, to create their desired result.

What to Expect

Neck liposuction surgery at Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia and can be performed rather quickly. You will probably be required to wear compression garments after surgery to help reduce swelling and mold your new contours. With small areas of treatment, like the neck, liposuction patients can usually move around independently by the second day and may return to work in 5 – 7 days. The recovery period may vary and may be increased if other plastic surgeries were performed at the same time. Optimal results will be visible within the first few months after the procedure. Due to the small incision site, scarring is typically minor and easy to conceal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does neck liposuction cost?
The cost of neck liposuction can depend on several factors, including the amount of treatment needed for your desired outcome. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Sessions will create a personalized surgical plan for your needs and can then discuss the estimated costs. Dr. Sessions can also discuss payment methods and where you can find low-interest financing for your neck liposuction procedure.

Will I have visible scarring?
Dr. Sessions places incisions for neck liposuction where they can be easily concealed or are less visible. During your consultation, he will show you where he can place the incision needed for the cannula. These incisions can be made in the natural folds of your skin or just below your jawline where they will be difficult to see. Dr. Sessions or a member of his team will explain scar care management so your incisions heal to be flat and blend with your normal skin.

Does the fat come back after a neck liposuction procedure?
During liposuction, fat cells are removed, which means they cannot grow back. However, the remaining cells can definitely expand if you gain a lot of weight following a liposuction procedure. This is why Dr. Sessions recommends you be at a stable weight before neck liposuction. This should make it easier to maintain your results with exercise and a healthy diet.

What is the difference between neck liposuction and a neck lift?
During a neck liposuction procedure, tiny tubes, or cannulas, are inserted into the neck to suction out pockets of fat, but no skin is removed. During a neck lift procedure, certain neck muscles are tightened, and excess skin is trimmed away so that the neck can be pulled taut. However, liposuction is sometimes also performed during a neck lift procedure. At your consultation, Dr. Sessions will listen to your goals and discuss which procedure will best benefit you.

Will I have extra skin after neck liposuction?
Whether or not you will have any extra skin after the procedure depends on many factors, including your skin laxity or elasticity and how much fat is being removed. Most patients do not have any issue with their skin rebounding after liposuction, but Dr. Sessions can discuss this with you at your consultation if it is a concern. It is possible to have a combination of neck lipo and neck lift procedures if Dr. Sessions sees that it is necessary.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Fat

Neck liposuction is an effective way to remove stubborn fat from the neck, chisel the neckline, and rid yourself of an unwanted double chin. We are always excited to help our patients in the La Mesa, San Diego, and surrounding California communities obtain more confidence in their appearance with a selection of plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Sessions is dedicated to working with you to provide the results you deserve. For more information about neck liposuction or to schedule your consultation, contact Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre today.

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