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About Augmentation + Lift

As women get older, it is very common that they notice significant changes in their breasts. Volume can decrease, and loose skin can develop and result in sagging. Some women will experience both changes and end up with deflated, sagging breasts. If you want to restore breast volume, as well as remove excess skin, La Mesa, CA plastic surgeon Scott Sessions recommends a breast augmentation with a breast lift. This combination of breast surgeries at Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre involves excising the loose breast skin and tissue and then inserting saline or silicone implants to achieve your desired size. Breast surgery with an augmentation and lift addresses several issues, including shape, size, and position, to give you perkier, more youthful-looking breasts. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sessions to talk about your specific concerns. He can help you determine if a breast surgery with a lift and augmentation is best for your goals.

Ideal Candidates

There are many factors that can affect the firmness and volume of your breasts. For example, you may have breast sagging and volume loss due to aging, pregnancy, or a significant decrease in weight. A breast surgery that includes both augmentation and a lift can address the effects of the issues. This combination of procedures is the best option if your breasts don't contain enough tissue to maintain their size with a lift alone. It is also a good option if you would like to go up in size, but an implant alone won't create the lift you desire. Dr. Sessions can usually assess whether a breast lift by itself can achieve your best results, or if both procedures are needed to reach your overall desired look.

Surgical Technique

Breast augmentation with a lift is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The type of incision Dr. Sessions will use for the breast lift will be determined prior to the surgery and is based on many factors, including how much sagging is present and the size of the chosen implant. You and Dr. Sessions will also discuss breast implant options before the surgery. Typically, the breast lift is performed first. A specific amount of loose skin is cut away to allow enough room for the new implant while also raising and firming the whole breast. In some cases, the areola and/or nipple also needs to be repositioned to better match your new breast size and shape. Once the surrounding tissue is tightened, Dr. Sessions then inserts the implant through the final incision and then carefully sutures the skin closed. 

What to Expect

After your surgery, your incisions will be bandaged, and you will be fitted with a support bra or compression garment to help minimize your swelling. This garment will also support your breasts as they heal so Dr. Sessions will monitor you and let you know how long you should wear it. The time needed for recovery from breast surgery is a little different for each patient, but most patients are able to move around independently by the second day. You should be strong enough to resume your day-to-day activities, like going back to work, within about a week. However, you do need to avoid any exercise or strenuous activity for about 2 – 6 weeks, including weight lifting. Most patients experience moderate swelling following the procedure that can last for three weeks. Your breasts will begin to settle into their new position in a few months when you should be able to enjoy your beautiful results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does breast augmentation with a lift cost?
Surgical breast augmentation with a lift is priced based on many factors, including the augmentation method and the lift complexity. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Sessions will create a custom surgical plan with your costs estimates. Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre accepts a number of payment forms, including low-interest financing so you can focus on finding a great surgeon instead of on costs.

Will breast augmentation with a lift improve sagging?
The benefit of a breast augmentation with a lift is that it improves both volume and laxity. The lift portion of your surgery will also raise the position of your native breast tissue so your results are perky. This is important because adding volume to breasts with moderate sagging can lead to a negative result if a lift is not performed to correct the sag. If moderate to severe sagging is present, a lift should be performed first and then implants can be done if necessary. During your consultation with Dr. Sessions, he will be able to give you his opinion on whether your goals require implants, a lift, or both.

Which incision is best for my surgery?
Breast surgery incisions have come a long way in recent years with techniques being performed that helps reduce scarring. The best incision for your surgery will depend on the severity of sag and the type of implants being used. If you have severe sag, an anchor-shaped incision is usually best. When developing your treatment plan, Dr. Sessions will discuss incision patterns and which is best for your needs. Regardless of the method chosen, Dr. Sessions makes careful incisions so your scars are as thin as possible and your results look natural.

How long will my results last?
As long as you do not have significant weight fluctuations or become pregnant, the results from breast surgery can last for a long time. While both saline and silicone implants are made today to last for a long time, they do need to be examined every few years to check for issues. During surgery, Dr. Sessions places the implants using a method that minimizes future breast sag. This helps your results last longer. It is important to understand that while a breast lift with augmentation can offer amazing results, natural aging will continue. After many years, you may start to develop loose skin and sagging again, which can be corrected with a second surgery.

How bad is the scarring?
Dr. Sessions performs surgical augmentation with a lift so that all the incisions are small and thin. He does his best to place incisions where they are easily concealed, such as under the folds of the breast or along the border of the areola. With proper care, the scars from your breast surgery will eventually fade so they blend in better with your natural skin. Dr. Sessions or a member of his team will explain your scar care instructions and give you tips you should follow after your surgery to help your scars heal flat and smooth.

Get A Lift and New Shape

If you are unhappy with the overall appearance of your breasts, an augmentation plus lift might be the solution. At Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Sessions has treated hundreds of women to help them achieve the look they wanted. A breast augmentation plus lift can turn back the clock by adding volume and elevation to breasts that have been affected by age, gravity, pregnancy, and weight loss. Call us today at our La Mesa, CA surgical facility to schedule your private consultation.

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