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Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre would like to thank our patients for expressing their personal comments about their experience with us. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient whose life has been improved by the services we offer. The comments on this page are sincere and provide insight as to the personal care and peerless expertise we provide each and every patient. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you.


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Dear Dr. Sessions and Staff,
I wanted to thank each and everyone of your for the considerate and professional treatment you showed me. You are a wonderful group and I would highly recommend you to my friends and family.
Thank you,

Terrific Results!
I selected Dr. Sessions for corrective surgery after consulting with several doctors concerning my nose. I liked the fact that the entire process was very consultative. He asked me what result I wanted, then let me know what should and should not be done specifically with a male nose and my face. His knowledge and treatment of my individual case made me feel very comfortable with my decision. The results are terrific! I wish I had known of Dr. Sessions years ago.
– J.S.

Dr. Sessions and Staff,
Just wanted to say “thanks” for everything you guys have done for me. You made me feel comfortable before and after my tummy tuck! I love it! I am so happy how everything turned out! (And my husband loves it).
Thank you,

Dear Dr. Sessions,
Thanks again for giving me the “uplifting” I have wanted for so long.

Dr. Sessions and Staff,
Wishing a very merry Christmas to the wonderful people, like all of you, who made this year so great. Also for being so kind and thoughtful as I did something good for me.

Meticulous Technical Skills
I was looking for a Board Certified, experienced plastic surgeon that specialized in abdominoplasty (tummy tucks). After several meetings with Dr. Sessions, I was impressed with his meticulous technical skills and aesthetic judgement. He became my final choice. My result was BEAUTIFUL. My abdomen is firm, flat and my scar is thin and fading. I made an excellent choice, the right choice. Dr. Sessions and his caring and knowledgeable staff were there to answer every detailed question before and after my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Sessions and his staff to anyone considering plastic surgery.
– J.S.

Dear Dr. Sessions,
It’s wonderful and rare to have a doctor who truly cares about their patient — thank you for such a wonderful experience and for giving me back my body.

In Good Hands
My husband decided to have cosmetic surgery and I thought he was out of his mind. I went along with him to his consult where we met Dr. Sessions. I left the office feeling so confident in his skill and enjoyed his personality so much, a few months after my husbands surgery I decided to have a procedure done. Even though I was a nervous wreck, Dr. Sessions put my mind at ease. I actually enjoyed the time with him and his staff. They are very warm and caring and I knew I was in good hands. Several months later, I am so grateful for meeting him because he has truly changed the way I feel about myself. I used to think cosmetic surgery was out of the question. It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I am so pleased with the results and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
– M.S & P.S.

Dr. Sessions,
I had consulted with two other plastic surgeons before meeting with you. The thing that impressed me the most was the time you took to explain all my options and how the two of us together arrived at a decision that was right for me...
– H.C.

An Honest Opinion
When I met Dr. Sessions, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I can personally attest to his talented and precise surgical ability. I had previously undergone two breast augmentations by other plastic surgeons; unfortunately, I was still dissatisfied with the appearance of my breasts. I confided in Dr. Sessions, knowing he would give me an honest opinion as well as giving me full natural looking breasts that I desired. After listening to my concerns and examining me, Dr. Sessions explained what he felt should be done to achieve the result I was seeking. I trusted Dr. Sessions completely and finally I have the result I had hoped for.
– R.M